Encouraging your child to learn social skills

Encouraging your child to learn social skills

When your child is about to enter kindergarten in Townsville, it is normally assumed that your child possesses certain set of social skills. These include the ability to work in small groups, the concept of sharing toys and materials and the habit of sharing things in general. These are skills which a child would basically learn in a day care or the pre-school which they attend before they start kindergarten.

It is therefore helpful that children have some basic understanding about social interactions. The right environment can help promote social intelligence in a child. It is important that your child attends preschool but even if they have been home schooled there are certain ways in which we can raise socially aware children who would be able to excel in the kindergarten environment.

Raising socially aware children

Encourage your child to interact with others. It is normally not common for a child to be extremely attached to their parents if they have been home schooled. But just because your child doesn’t attend day care it doesn’t mean that you have to limit their social interactions. Children have an innate ability to open up to people their age. So you could take your child to a nearby park and have them play on the swings.

Once your child comes in interaction with other children their age they would learn to form friendships. As a parent you should encourage your child to play in groups or make friends. This way children can learn to have a good time and when they attend kindergarten in Townsville, they have already learned that playing and working in groups is normally a great deal of fun.

If possible you could also try and arrange play dates for your child. In the beginning try to keep the time short so hat children don’t get tired or too cranky.

Also try to inculcate the love for diversity in your child. It could start with something as simple as toys and books. Let them learn about different people and cultures. It would be easier for your child to accept any differences if they learn to appreciate diversity.

Answer your child’s curiosity. If a child wants to know about a person with special needs, explain to the child why someone is different. Teach them to learn to accept these differences. Normally as parents we often feel embarrassed when our child asks such questions and we try to shush them up. It’s okay to have your child go ahead and interact with that person. It shows that you as a person values differences and when your child sees your interactions they would follow example and learn to be open to new people, environment and ideas.

Just by practicing the above few things you can have your child become socially intelligent. You would raise individuals who know that different is good and that all things should be accepted. Also encourage your child to take part in conversations at home. It’s a great way of allowing your child to form their opinions and share ideas.

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