Meth Testing Training

Meth Testing Training

The invasion of the prohibited drug methamphetamine in the real estate business has created an astounding alarm not only on property owners but as well as tenants from different walks of life. Even countries around the world, including Australia, has heightened the alert and immediately implemented strict regulations and policies in order to stop, if not minimise the menace that has created a negative impression on the credibility of almost all property businesses.

As a form of intervention, individuals who have what it takes to join a team of meth testers and inspectors will undergo rigid training and evaluation to be physically and mentally prepared to perform the challenging job.

The meth testing training program are as follows:

Introducing the Meth Laboratory to the trainees

It’s the first part of the program since all the necessary work is done here by the majority of meth testers around the country. Their exposure to the lab will not only allow them to familiarise with sampling and testing kits but also with the proper machine or equipment to be used all throughout the process.

Understanding the threat and danger of methamphetamine

There is more than understanding the prohibited substance is a necessary procedure to be explained to all would-be meth testers. It’s simply more than an information drive but genuine advocacy that methamphetamine causes a lot of harm, especially to the youth and children of this modern generation.

Following instructions on complying with sampling techniques

Since the actual job requires sound judgement, precision and accuracy in handling samples is a must. There are a lot of strategies or techniques to learn how to achieve perfection in every job that you make.

Rigid and actual training on the best decontamination techniques including safety measures on waste disposal

The job demands that all actions and decisions while decontaminating a property will yield better, if not the best results. There is no replay and a room for error. A human mistake could be prevented only if, and when focus or close attention to details are religiously followed. Apart from that, the management of harmful waste is taken seriously into consideration.

Addressing issues on asbestos, mould and lead through the preparation of a health and safety checklist

Apart from methamphetamines, other harmful chemicals may mix up along the process of decontaminating a property. To prevent contamination from happening, all observations, sightings, and work-related tests should be included in the daily report of meth testers, and the consideration of addressing problems earlier to avoid setbacks.

A writing clinique on how to prepare a plan of work, site evaluation, and a final report

In most cases,  a skill in technical writing is a must for meth testers. The ability to construct statements or sentences related to the job description is an exceptional skill. It’s the only way to prove that aside from handling or manipulating objects, you know how to communicate openly with your colleagues and immediate superiors.

Learning what to do after a complete decontamination

After all, has been accounted for, comes the job of restoring the property to its usual state. At this final stage of the job, a meth tester must have a keen eye in looking for tiny details that could ruin the whole operation. A concrete example is leaving behind the last sample that is of great importance.

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