Child Care Darwin: The positive impact of early learning programs

Child Care Darwin: The positive impact of early learning programs

There is a rising trend of sending children age 3 to 5 years for an early learning program. In fact there is enough evidence which shows that children of this age do attend a day care center before joining preschool. In most preschools it has now become a pre requisite as well.

There has been a great deal of research on the positive impact of early learning programs. The early year of a child’s life play a pivotal role in their social and emotional development. The reason for sending a child to a day care may be varied but the outcome is a positive influence on their overall development.

The following are a few known benefits of sending your child to a child care in Darwin:

  • Better cognitive development. Children learn to interact at any early age. Sending them to a child care is one way of ensuring that they come across positive interactions with their care givers as well as their peers. Such an education has a positive impact on their IQ levels and helps them form an opinion on concrete as well as abstract forms.
  • They also have a chance to develop socially. Behavior management at a young age helps children understand the basic concept of interaction. They are well prepared for the time they would be joining preschool. Since they have already had enough experience communicating with adults as well as those their own age, the transition to a preschool tends to be much easier for them. In fact they also suffer less separation anxiety and taken on happily their experiences at pre-school. This helps put less stress on parent and helps children improve their learning skills.

  • Good quality education provided at an early learning center helps children form solid foundations in their learning skills. Most of the work which is taught at this age is based on the concept of learning through play. Children are given a free reign to move about and experiment with things on their own. Simple beading and pouring activities helps them improve their fine motor skills. On the other hand circle time allows children to participate and share their ideas and thoughts. This way children learn to speak out and develop better confidence.
  • Better attention span. Children tend to be curious by nature. They love to do things on their own and develop idea based on their own findings. At a day care this curiosity is guided in a positive way. Quality early learning allow children to maximize their potential in a positive way. They channel their energies towards grasping and learning new concepts. Make the child sit in a classroom and they would never follow the structured approach with happiness. Yet the structured play which is taught at a day care makes children more interested in learning different things.

That’s not all though. The impact of early childhood education lasts throughout the child’s adult life as well. It has been observed that children who attend day care have a better chance of graduating from high school and making their way to college.

Make sure that you find the best child care centre in Darwin for a positive impact on your child’s growth and development

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