Art Supplies Melbourne- Guide for Beginners

Art Supplies Melbourne- Guide for Beginners

Are you a beginner looking for art supplies in Melbourne? Wandering the aisles of the art store can be over whelming. Especially so if you step inside one for the first time. Even with the assistant trying to help you, you might be wondering which stuff would be right for you. As a beginner you don’t really need to invest a lot in art supplies but whatever you buy should facilitate your journey as an artist. You can slowly improve your collection of paints, brushes and easel as you go ahead but for the time being, just go through the following tips:

  • When looking for paints, acrylics are a great choice. These are non-toxic and pretty much versatile. Acrylics can be used to paint on a variety of mediums and have a beautiful finish. However one tip which you should keep in mind is that if you are thinking about using acrylic paints from different suppliers on a canvas, those have to be the same quality and made with a similar binder. If you combine paint with a different consistency the result might not turn out the way you expected and the paint would look uneven in places.
  • The paint brushes for acrylics are different from the paint brushes used for water colors. Each paint brush has a different shape. Each of these shapes support the artist in the journey form beginner level to expert level.

  • Also each artist has the choice of choosing brushes made from natural or synthetic bristles. If you choose to work with acrylics you may want to choose brushes made with synthetic fiber. On the other hand natural brushes can be used for acrylics but should be cleaned almost immediately after use. Another benefit of using synthetic brushes that these are sturdier and tend to be less expensive as well. Miniature brush sets are quite handy when you are looking for painting small and delicate details. These work with all paint and mediums.
  • If you are trying to experiment with water colors there are a whole lot of accessories which you might consider buying. The accessories you purchase would depend on the technique that you plan to use. Some people are comfortable using round brushes while others might feel they need a whole set of brushes dedicated to water color techniques.
  • Invest in good quality scarpers and color lifters. These can completely alter the way your painting looks and can help make corrections much easier. Water color palettes and sponges are a welcome addition as well. These might sound like a whole lot of accessories but all of these re important if you want to improve your technique as you go along.

The above mentioned are just a few basic tips to purchasing at MES art supplies Melbourne. However when it comes to buying art supplies it all comes down to your own personal preference. Ever artist has their own unique style and one which develops over time with experiment and learning.

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